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Moscow Mule Mug with Embellished Handles


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The copper in a Moscow Mule mug is essential because of its temperature conductivity. Chilled beverages in copper mugs offer a long-lasting cooling sensation, as the metal rapidly takes on the cold temperature of the liquid. This chilling effect keeps your drinks cooler for longer!

Bring the warmth of copper to your tabletop with our elegant mug, crafted with top grade copper plating, then hammered and polished it to a brilliant finish. Modeled on traditional imperial pint mugs, a tin-plated lining protects the mug when filled with liquors and acidic mixers and helps keep contents well chilled. Copper will age naturally to a rich bronze patina. Durable, watertight and corrosion resistant. Product dimensions: 3.8" H x 3.5" D | 0.35lbs

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