Champagne Collection Glass Antique Silver Bottle Votive (set of 2)


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SKU: ANC810830-P

Quick Overview

  • WEDDINGS, PARTIES & HOME DECOR: Add that ambiance for your special occasion with these votive candle holders that add that perfect personal touch glow and elegance to your event and/or home. Each votive is embellished with a speckled finish. For safety precautions we recommend that you use a LED tea light candle with the votive; however, regular wax tea light candles can be used with the candle holders. These votive can be hung or not depending on the look and feel you are creating.
  • IDEAL GIFT: Great gift for yourself, your family, a friend or that special person in your life.
  • MAKE AN IMPRESSION: Perfect for romantic or special setting like Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter or an anniversary dinner. You can use tea lights, candles or LED candles.
  • CAUTION: For safety precautions we recommend the votive to be used with an LED tea light. However, regular tea light candles may be used. The special speckled effect does and will peel. These are handmade by artisans and the effects vary by votive.
  • DIMS: Small: 5.75”H, Base: 3.75”, Mouth: 1.25”, Candle/Tealight: Upto 1.75” Wide & Large: 11”H, Base: 3.75”, Mouth: 1.75”, Candle.Tealight: Upto 1.75’ Wide, Tealight/Candle is added from the bottom.

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