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Are you ready for a cool drink and an afternoon of sunshine? With our swing sets, this is now a possibility. Our carefully selected traditional and modern swings will make your weekends a mini vacation! We've made safety and enjoyment our highest concern when selecting swing sets for our store. You'll find that all of our swing sets are easy and quick to install, giving you more chill-time with your loved ones.

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  1. Metal Stand

    Our metal stands are made of mild steel and are powder coated to provide a better life span. The assembly and installation is very easy and can be easily done by the buyer. The stand provides a very steady base for single, double and large hammocks.
  2. Wooden Stand

    This wooden stand is arc shaped. The assembly and installation is very easy and can be easily done by the buyer. It can give a very elegant and classy look to your backyard instantly.
  3. Child Pod Swing Chair Hanging Hammock Seat

    • 100% Cotton Fabric with a Poly Fiber Filled fluffy cushion.
    • This hammock swing chair is great for indoor or outdoor use.
    • It makes a great addition to any corner of a child's room,especially a reading nook or out on the patio.
    • Suitable for Children between age group 3 – 9 years. 33in Wide, 70in Height, 20in Deep. Wt Capacity : 99lb.M
    • Easy to roll and store it.
  4. 4-Person Swing

    All the class and elegance of our swing collection is inherent in this 4-Person Swing. Explore the entire Amber Home Goods product line to coordinate other beautiful and durable products to enhance the outdoor living space.
  5. 2-Person Swing

    Feel the Difference! Pendulum swings provide a calm and relaxing motion. Health in Motion swings have a solid frame, which provides a secure movement without lateral motion.
  6. Multicolor Rope Swing

    This swing is made from colored ropes in a traditional Mexican style and would add instant color and beauty on any patio.
  7. Dual Recliner Swing

    What if, when you closed your eyes, you pictured yourself in your own backyard? With the Amber Home Goods collection of easygoing, affordable outdoor accessories for your patio, pool, or backyard, you''ll find yourself rushing home after a long day of work. The latest colors and styles mingle with true classics in weather-worthy fabrics and finished woods, ready for relaxation. Make yours a life of leisure.
  8. Cushion Swing

    Cushion Swing is one of the most comfortable swings available. Poly -fiber filled pillows offer utmost comfort. There is plenty of space to recline for easy relaxation as well.
  9. 2 Person Swing

    Sunset Swings 421L Feel the difference! Pendulum swings provide a calm and relaxing motion. Featuring a heavy-duty steel frame, this lounge swing provide secure movement without lateral motion.
  10. Brazillian Fabric Swing


    Our Brazillian fabric swing is made up of 100% natural non-dyed cotton yarn and is ecologically friendly. The rounded spreader bar is attached to the seat using the cotton ropes on either side.


    • Material Used: Thin cotton
    • Bed Size: 43 inch x 51 inch
    • Weight: 6 pound
    • Colors: White , Blue

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