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Brazilian Fabric Swing

The Brazilian Fabric Swing is a contemporary designed hammock. Its beautiful designs and fabric are one of a kind and do not disappoint in any way. It is made up off 100% non-dyed cotton yarn. This environment friendly hammock can very easily be folded away, packed and unpacked especially during camping’s and other outings. This one person hammock has a rounded spreader bar which attaches itself to the seat using cotton ropes. These ropes are crotchet designed to give it a more striking look. Lounge in one of these hammocks and it will guarantee tranquility in more than one way.

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  1. Brazillian Fabric Swing


    Our Brazillian fabric swing is made up of 100% natural non-dyed cotton yarn and is ecologically friendly. The rounded spreader bar is attached to the seat using the cotton ropes on either side.


    • Material Used: Thin cotton
    • Bed Size: 43 inch x 51 inch
    • Weight: 6 pound
    • Colors: White , Blue

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